One area that we always preach about, teach about and make flyers about in the church is discipleship.  Why?  Well, the Great commission, aka marching orders, to the church by Jesus before He ascended into Heaven was to “Go and make disciples of all nations…”  Our church’s very mission statement is “to make and mature disciples in Jesus Christ…”  We have tried to align directly with Christ’s mission for every Christian.  Our purpose at Wildare is to make disciples.  However, disciple making at times has become pretty far down on the list in our own obedience and our corporate obedience as the body of Christ.  We talk much about it however the results reveal that many times we simply shout to God, “I don’t wanna!”


We reject our call, our purpose, so often because it can be hard to make disciples.  It may lead to persecution, uncomfortable gatherings and for some, it is down-right embarrassing.  Yet Jesus first and foremost, commands us to “make disciples.”  Some of us learned recently at a disciple making training that the main characteristic of a disciple, a follower of Jesus, is their making disciples.  Many of us must look in the mirror at our own walk with the Lord after we consider our disciple making habits.


Join us through our “From Membership to Discipleship” ministry.  Take this survey to review your own walk with Christ and look to take next steps (discipleship) in growing in the Lord.  Others will be challenged to help individuals analyze and take next steps in growth hence becoming disciple makers.  Please consider participating so that we at Wildare truly live by the Great Commission, to go and “make disciples!” 

Discover your next steps towards growth in Christ here!